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Rent a car in Kenya for your forthcoming trip and enjoy the comfort and privacy that does come with it. Your Drive Kenya is the leading car rental Kenya with a vision to provide you with the best and reliable car for your trip. Whether you prefer to self drive Kenya, car rental in Kenya with a driver/guide, long term car rental Kenya, car rental for wildlife safaris, short term car rental, count on us. 

We have arranged a wide  fleet of cars from compact to strong SUVs that are  ideal for off-road  adventures. For over 10 years in the car rental industry, we have  the best experience in providing private transport services in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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For the independent traveller a self drive Kenya safari is ideal. Rent a fully equipped 4×4, plan the itinerary and off you go to wherever you heart desires within Kenya and beyond! Should you prefer to have some local knowledge on hand, this safari can be guided (car rental in Kenya with a driver).

We have the best Kenya self drive cars for hire that are well maintained and serviced to give you the best experience on and off road. These include Land Cruisers, Toyota Hilux with roof top tents, pop up roofs and everything else that you will need for a memorable trip. Each vehicle can be fitted with one or two roof top tents, the latter allowing for up four people per vehicle. We can as well arrange Lodge-to-lodge self drive trip for travelers who would like to spend their night in permanent structures.

Self Drive Car rental Kenya

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Kenya on a cheap self drive car hire Kenya with a 4×4 rental car.

Car Rental Kenya with a Driver

With an experienced driver/guide at your disposal, you will have a chance to explore the country’s stunning landscapes.

Long Term Car Rental Kenya

Long term car rental Kenya offers flexible rental periods to suit the traveler’s needs. Whether you need a self drive vehicle for a week, 2 weeks or even months, we have a rental option that will work for you perfectly.

Cross Border Car Rental Kenya

Your Drive Kenya offers the best cross border car rental services in Kenya providing a convenient and cost effective way for travelers to explore neighboring countries.


Over 10 years of experience in the car rental industry

24/7 Customer Support

Our experts are always online to answer you on everything concerning car rental in Kenya.

Affordable rental rates

We give you the most affordable car rental rates whether for self drive Kenya or with a driver helping you to save much on your trip.

Roadside Assistance

In case of a breakdown during your rental, we have agents allover Kenya to help you fix the problem

Discounted rates for Long term car rentals

Our Top Rental Cars for Self Drive Kenya

Land cruiser V8 for hire in Kenya

This  SUV offers a luxurious and comfortable driving experience for both local and international travelers. Available for both Kenya self drive and car rental with a driver.

Land cruiser GX for hire in Uganda


Our Land cruiser GX manual which is available for rental in Kenya is a full-size SUV that combines the basic needs of travel which are; safety, power and comfort.

Car Rental in Kenya


The TX Land Cruiser is a popular choice for off-road adventures and exploring the rugged terrain of Kenya.                                                                                                                                        

Land cruiser Hardtop for hire in Kenya

It has a very spacious interior that provides ample space for passengers and their cargo, hence making it an ideal choice for long Kenya self drive safaris.

Self Drive Car Rental in Kenya

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Kenya on a cheap self drive car hire Kenya with a 4×4 rental car. Having spectacular secluded routes as well as diverse natural beauty, Kenya is a magnificent safari destination which is best navigated by car. Renting a 4×4 car to explore this magical East African country will give you a very memorable experience. Whether you are an international traveler looking to explore the Natural wonders of Kenya or  a local simply looking for a reliable mode of transport, self drive Kenya gives you a seamless and stress free experience. Having a large fleet of vehicles from compact saloons to 4×4 SUVs, the traveler is free to choose one that perfectly suits their travel needs and budget.
self drive Kenya
self drive car rental in Kenya

Rent a car in Kenya for Solo Trips

Are you planning to explore the diverse Landscapes in Kenya while you are alone? We have organized the best solo trip car rental services in Kenya. Feel free to rent a car and navigate to the beautiful National parks of Kenya  whether  with a driver or  on a Kenya self drive trip


Where to go on your Self Drive Kenya

Hot air ballon safari in Maasai Mara - your drive kenya

Maasai mara national reserve

Looking for better Experience Kenya self drive safari? Look no further than Maasai Mara National Reserve. Witness the Wildebeest Migration which is one of the most interesting attractions in this national park. Another breathtaking activity in Maasai Mara is Hot Air Balloon Safari.

Self Drive in Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli National Park located in southern Kenya is best known for its large herds on elephants and stunning views of Mountain Kilimanjaro across the Kenya-Tanzania border. The park harbors a number of wildlife species which include more that 420 bird species & over 80 mammal species.

Self drive in Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park

Are you a bird lover or researcher? A Kenya self drive trip in Lake Nakuru National Park will never leave you the same. The park has a variety of bird species that can be easily spotted making your trip are memorable one. Besides the large numbber of bird species

Land cruiser with popup roof in Kenya

Car Rental Kenya with popup roof

Are you  going for wildlife safaris in Kenya’s national parks? Renting a 4×4 car with a popup roof in Kenya will give you the most  adventurous safari experience especially during game drives.

The popup roof feature offers a perfect view of wild life and it allows for a great photography. Enjoy thrilling views during game drives in the national parks with our popup roof Land cruiser. 






Feel free to ask anything

We know sometimes its hard to know so much about your destination you are visiting and thats why we are always here to give you all the necessary Self Drive Kenya, car rental inquiries. Talk to us today


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    Car Rental in Kenya with rooftop tents

    Car rental in Kenya with a rooftop tent offers a unique and immersive camping experience, allowing you to explore the diverse landscapes of the country with no need for traditional accommodation.

    Whether  you are embarking on a self drive Kenya safari or navigate to off-the beaten path destinations, renting a 4×4 car with a rooftop gives you a more convenient and affordable way to experience Kenya’s natural beauty.

    Having a 4×4 Land cruiser with a rooftop tent for your Kenya self drive adventure, you will have the freedom to choose  where to spend the night without worry

    Car rental with a rooftop tent in Kenya

    Our Top Self Drive Kenya Wildlife Safari Packages


    14 Days Kenya wildlife Safari & Mombasa

    14 Days Kenya Wildlife  Safari is one of our most extensive wildlife safari packages that takes you to Kenya’s most prominent  destinations. 

    Kenya self drive safaris

    17 Days Kenya Safaris

    Our 17 days Kenya safari is a perfect choice  for  those who want to enjoy Kenya’s nature  in variety and would like to explore more than one region of Kenya. 

    Self drive in Maasai Mara

    15 Days Kenya wildlife Safaris

    Are you interested in wildlife  viewing, research, bird watching or recording a wildlife documentary? Our 15 days Kenya wildlife safari is a perfect package for you.

    Car Rental in Kenya with a Driver /Guide

    Having a professional driver allows travelers to navigate through the unfamiliar routes with a lot of ease, ensuring a smooth and worry-free safari experience.

    The moment you choose to rent a car with a driver in Kenya, you should expect  an expert and a knowledgeable local individual who is well versed with the safest routes and destinations. 

    Cross Border car rental in Kenya

    Would you like to rent a car for Kenya self drive or with a driver/guide and cross from Kenya  to any East African country? Your  Drive Kenya has made it possible for you to navigate multiple countries  on the same trip. 

    Family car rental in Kenya

    Family Car Rental in Kenya

    Would you wish to travel and explore the beautiful landscapes of  Kenya as a  family? Our Family car rental service can either come as self drive Kenya or even car rental with a driver and will give you the best way to travel at your own pace and terms.

    Family car rental in Kenya gives families  the freedom to create and follow their own itinerary. 

    See what our clients talk about us!! - Best Self-drive Kenya Reviews

    Josef R
    Josef R
    Your Drive Uganda- Driver Experience I booked a car with driver for 3 Days. After arrival , diver Charles was already waiting for me in the arrival hall. Immediately he brought me to a mall to change money, sim card and some supply . While we were waiting for the sim card, i tried to pay for the trip with my credit card. For some reason the online payment option was not working and i was struggeling to get the cash together. Despite the confirmation for the credit card payment, it didnt work. Clearly misleading...... After sorting things out and getting petrol for the car, we proceeded towards Murchison Falls National Park. Also i have asked Charles to stop on some places where we can find poor families and drop off some gifts such as sweets, stationary and money. The next day we went for an early game drive and in the afternoon to a nile cruise. Charles showed a great knowledge of the wildlife and area. We saw many animales in a short time, he was very keen to show me as much as possible. The next day we headed back to Ebtebbe, stopping at the Rhino sanctuary and a few place again to drop of some gifts for the kids. Overall i had a great experience with Charles, he is a pleasant knowledgeable young man. I highly recommend him as driver and wish him good luck.
    Prossy B
    Prossy B
    A trip to remember. This company helped me plan my self-drive in Uganda safari so well at very affordable rates. They helped me and my husband book permits to go see gorillas at no cost. About the car; we hired a 4x4 Land Cruiser Prado and we never had any issues or challenges with this car throughout our 21 days trip. If you plan to travel through Uganda, I will recommend using them.
    Navan T
    Navan T
    Fair Price!! Great Service!! Great People I rented a 4x4 Land cruiser TX for 14 days and went to Western Uganda for a wildlife safari in the National Parks. We really had a great time navigating through the rough terrains with the help of the Land cruiser TX. It is a very strong vehicle that can manage to win all the challenging road conditions. Titus helped us book our Gorilla trekking permits at no cost and this was very kind of him. During the trip, we had a simple breakdown but Titus quickly arranged a mechanic and the problem was solved with in one hour. I recommend Your Drive Uganda for your next trip in Uganda. They are very professional.
    Their cars are reliable. The experience i had dealing with Your Drive Uganda was fantastic. My wife and I have travelled much around East Africa with rented cars from various companies but the experience we had with Your Drive was unique. The Landcruiser Tx Mr. Titus gave us was amazing with swift transmission and no mechanical issues. it moved well through the park( queen Elizabeth national park), honestly the car was great. Surprisingly their rates are fair! Ya'll should make Your Drive Uganda your car rental plug through East Africa. Their services are amazing!
    Bad quality car and gear. Titus is a very rude guy! This was by far the worst rental experience in my life. Broken cars, insufficient gear, gear which was provided was dirty. Titus was extremely rude. They are rude and disrespectful against women, to customers and to other lovely mechanics in uganda who all tried to help us with our problems. When Titus finally replaced our constant broken car, i told him that our car had 3/4 of a tank left, when Pius arrived with the new car he had totally emptied the tank so we had to drive 60 Km's without any gasoline, hoping we would make it to the next station. Please pay a little bit more and go with a decent company and enjoy every minute in this lovely country!
    Rude, unhelpful company with unreliable car I rented a Toyota Landcruise Prado car from YourDrive in September '23 for 1 month. To put it briefly, I have never been so dissatisfied with a rental company before. After half a year of traveling in (other) rental cars, it is indescribable how poor and rude this rental company is. - Firstly, the rooftop tent was completely moldy (see photos), not waterproof, and the necessary poles to keep the tent rainproof were not provided. The sleeping bags were full of stains and dirty. No pillows, bed linens, or blankets were provided. The cooler box was extremely dirty as well. - Additionally, the car was delivered with a gasoline leak, resulting in excessive gasoline consumption during the first week. Each time, Titus sent me to the mechanic, but without any results. - Eventually, Titus himself suggested replacing the car. Later, it turned out he wanted us to bear all the costs of this replacement. Despite several comments about the tent, we did not receive a new one with this replacement either. - Titus himself is extremely rude and unhelpful. He hangs up the phone in the middle of conversations, always gets angry, argues with mechanics who had to fix our car, and accuses us of lying about the waterproofness of the tent. - Moreover, Titus still owed us some money for mechanic costs. After a lot of pushing, we only got back a small amount of the money, with the argument that he had no money. This amount doesn't even cover all our expenses for leaked gasoline, accommodation costs when we couldn't sleep in the tent due to rain, and all the time we spent visiting garages and calling Titus. In short: I have traveled a lot in my life and have never been so dissatisfied with a rental company like this one. Titus will probably respond to this review claiming that none of it is true; therefore, we have also attached a few photos as evidence. Don't go here!
    Leonidas K
    Leonidas K
    Uganda road trip Great car and experience. Very friendly team and really helpful. The highlight was our guide - driver Pius! He is the best In whole Africa! Don’t miss him in your next trip! Safe driving and many information about the places! He was the reason we saw the Big5 at the safari! Pius is the best!!!!
    Pius - best driver all over Africa! Our experience with Your Drive Uganda was excellent! The cars (Land Cruiser Prado) were great and had no problem cruising even on the most difficult terrains. Pop-up roofs that were equipped with are a must-have for safari game drives. But the best of all was our driver Pius! Excellent driver, great person and terrific guide! We had an unforgettable time in Uganda and Rwanda choosing this company.
    Michal Izydorczyk
    Michal Izydorczyk
    Reliable cars, excellent service! Oh yeah! They made my vacations wonderful! I rented nice Landcruiser with rooftop tent. Both, the vehicle and the tent were in great condition and reliable. I drove around Uganda and met many other travellers who complained about their cars - mine was excellent and 100% reliable. Strongly recommend!
    Monique d
    Monique d
    I would recommended booking here We had a great experience in Oeganda with your drive Oeganda. The car was old but solid and we had no issues during our 2,5 weeks. The roads are sometimes very bad but the car brought us everywhere. The communication with Titus was very good with always a quick response on our questions. Thanks!

    Frequently Asked Self Drive Kenya Questions

    We understand that visiting a foreign country for the first time can be challenging especially when you have unanswered questions regarding the specific country. We have come up with our most asked self drive Kenya answers to some questions. See → 

    Yes. These are quite popular especially among travelers who do not want to drive back to their starting point of their Kenya self drive trips. Whether you want to start your trip from Nairobi and end in Mombasa, Kampala or Arusha, we will definitely arrange that. 

    We only arrange 4WD vehicles which are strong enough to navigate through the tough and rugged terrains in the various parts of Kenya. These include Land Cruisers, Toyota RAV4s, Saloon Cars and much more. 

    Our cars are regularly maintained and serviced which eliminates chances of it breaking down during your trip. But once this happens, we always request you to talk to us and we will arrange a nearby agent to come and work on the car. If we realise this will take longer, we will bring you another car at no extra fee. 

    Safety is a major concern for anyone driving through a foreign country but we assure you that as long as you follow the set traffic guidelines like driving on the left hand side of the road plus respecting other road users, you will be safe on the road. 

    In terms of security, Kenya is a safe countryto drive in whether you are visiting Amboseli or Masai, you will be safe. 

    Planning for that Self Drive Kenya experience? We request you to always book at least 3 months prior to your arrival especially if you plan to visit during the peak season of the year (June to September) to be able to reserve your vehicle. 

    Absolutely right. We now allow you to pay 40% deposit of your total car rental fees and then pay the rest upon arrival before you proceed with your trip. 

    We receive USD, Euros, Pounds and Kenyan Shillings as well. 

    We have a number of extras that you can hire in Kenya alongside our 4×4 cars and these do include an electric fridge, camping gear, rooftop tents, GPS and much more that you may need for a memorable safari within Kenya

    Our services are ot only limited to Kenya self drive or car hire Kenya services but we also arrange tailor made safari packages to the country’s leading destinations regardless of your budget. 

    Our self drive Kenya prices include airport transfers. Whether you are departing and arriving through Nairobi Airport or Mombasa airport, we will definitely arrange that at no extra fees. 

    Best Self Drive Kenya Services

    Your Drive Kenya offers a variety of 4×4 cars for self drive or car rental Kenya with a driver. Book with us  now and enjoy your Kenya self drive or guided road trip. We give you the most affordable car rental Kenya rates.

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