Self Drive Kenya Guide

Planning a self drive trip in Kenya is a very exciting and rewarding experience that allows you to explore the stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and culture of the country at your own terms. Here’s a comprehensive self drive Kenya guide to help you prepare for your next self-guided adventure.

Self drive Kenya Guide

Self Drive Kenya

Best cars to hire for a self drive in Kenya

When looking for the best car to hire for self drive in Kenya, consider renting a car with a four wheel drive system. 4×4 vehicles are well known for their off-road capabilities which make them ideal for exploring Kenya’s terrain.

Among the great options you need to choose from are; Land cruiser V8 and Land cruiser GX manual which offer a comfortable and luxurious ride. Another perfect choice is the Land cruiser TX that is cost effective and fuel efficient. The land cruiser Hardtop is also a good choice due to its ruggedness and reliability.

What you need to consider when planning a self drive Kenya safari


Since it is a self drive trip, you need to obtain an International Driver’s Permit and attach it to your valid National driver’s license.

You also need to move with your valid Passport, insurance papers and ask for the vehicle’s registration docs in case you plan to cross the borders to other East African countries.


You are advised to always book your accommodation in advance in order for you to secure the rates and rooms. Note that it is very difficult for you to get a perfect accommodation on the ground during the trip.

Consider booking lodges or campsites with secure parking facilities if you are to move with a self drive vehicle.


On arrival, you need to purchase a local simcard with enough data and call credit to keep in touch with us during the trip. Always update your friends and family about your trip and make calls as soon as you are scared of something while in the wilderness.

Route Planning

Make proper research about every place you intend to visit, the time to spend there and the total amount of money you are likely to spend in each. This will help you budget well.


Familiarize yourself with the local traffic rules for a safe and secure diving experience in Kenya. Drive defensively and more so respect the speed limits which are; 50km/hour in busy towns & urban centers and 80km/hour on highways.

Tips to guide you on Self drive Kenya

Make proper research

Before you embark on a self drive adventure in Kenya, you ought to make proper research as you are planning for the routes to use. Research about the destinations you intend to visit, the road conditions, the necessary entry fees and the routes to use.

Book accommodation in advance

Booking your accommodation in advance will help secure your trip as it is always hard to get a perfect room at the last minute.

Obtain necessary documents

Ensure that you have all the necessary documents that you will need for your self drive trip in Kenya. These documents include; the valid passport, driving license and required permits needed for different tourist activities.

Choose a 4×4 vehicle

For the best driving experience, you are advised to choose a vehicle which has a four wheel drive system. These are sturdy vehicles that can manage to navigate through the diverse terrains of Kenya.

Pack essentials

When going for Kenya self drive safaris, you need to stock essential supplies such as snacks, bottled water, fuel, insect repellents, sunscreen, binoculars, cameras and power banks.

Drive safely

While self driving in Kenya, you are advised to drive defensively and respect the speed limits. Be aware of animals crossing and regulate the speed limits whenever you are driving in national parks and reserves.

Respect local culture

Never should you undermine the local communities or disrespect their culture and beliefs. Always seek for permission before taking photos in any cultural community.

Best places to visit on self drive in Kenya - Self Drive Kenya Guide

Self drive in Maasai Mara National Reserve

Self driving in the great Maasai Mara is a one life time opportunity that gives travelers the freedom to explore the diverse wildlife at their own pace. The national reserve has well-maintained road networks that make it easily accessible. With a 4×4 rental car, travelers can navigate the park independently and have a memorable and immersive wildlife experience.

While on a self drive safari through Maasai Mara National reserve, you will have a unique opportunity to observe the beautiful ecosystem and spot a number of wildlife species such as the Big Five.

Self drive in Mombasa

Self driving Mombasa allows for a unique immersive experience for those looking to explore this coastal city at their own pace. With its paved roads and clear signage, navigating around Mombasa’s popular attractions such as Fort Jesus, Haller Park, Nyali and Diani Beach is a very convenient and efficient option. The freedom to stop over whenever and wherever you want makes self drive a perfect choice.

Putting the flexibility aside, you are advised to always be aware of the local driving customs as traffic can be congested, especially during peak hours. In this case, you are required to have maximum patience while driving.  

Self drive in Nairobi

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya with its well-maintained roads and clear traffic signs offers a perfect environment for self drive trips. However, when driving in Nairobi, it’s important to be aware of careless drivers, motorcycles, animals and pedestrians crossing.

Self driving Nairobi allows you to witness the city’s diverse attractions at your own pace. From the bustling market  of Maasai, The Museum, the reserves, gardens to Nairobi National Park for wildlife safaris. Our self drive Kenya Guide will take you through the most interesting destinations in Kenya.

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