Long term car rental in Kenya

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Long term car rental in Kenya is a very convenient and reliable option for both local and international travelers. Having a wide range of vehicles available for hire,

individuals are free to choose a car that perfectly suits their travel needs. Whether it’s a business trip or leisure holiday, long term car rental offers a flexible way to explore the stunning landscapes of Kenya. Renting a vehicle for an extended period of time usually comes with big discounts, making it more affordable compared to daily or weekly rentals.

Benefits for Long term car rental in Kenya

Flexible rental periods

Long term car rental Kenya offers flexible rental periods to suit the traveler’s needs. Whether you need a self drive vehicle for a week, 2 weeks or even months, we have a rental option that will work for you perfectly. Having the ability to choose your rental duration, you have the freedom to plan your travel or business needs accordingly. This flexibility allows you to have a reliable mode of transportation for as long as you require, without the commitment of purchasing a car.

24/7 customer service

When you rent a car from Your Drive Kenya whether it is for self drive or with a driver, we remove the burden of looking for mechanics from you. In case of any breakdown or malfunctioning of the vehicle, the only thing you have to do is inform us immediately, let us know your current location and we shall send our agent who will work on the issue at our cost.

High functionality

Our vehicles which are available for long term car rental in Uganda are very well maintained and serviced to deliver maximum functionality. We give you a vehicle that will give you the best self drive experience. Are you planning go for off-road adventures in Kenya? We have very strong 4×4 Land cruisers that can help you navigate through the rough terrains.

Cost effectiveness

Long term car rental in Kenya comes with very big discounts that help youu save hundreds of dollars. Normally, when you rent a car from us for 2 weeks to a month, we give you a discount of about 10% per day. For a 2 months and beyond, we can give you a discount of 20%.

Best vehicles for Long term car rental in Kenya

Looking for the best car to rent and explore Kenya’s diverse landscapes at your own pace? We have got you covered. Whether you are planning to cruise on Kenya’s highways or go for an off-road adventure, we have arranged a wide fleet of vehicles for you to choose from. From compact/sedans to strong SUVs. Among the best cars available for Long term car rental Kenya are;

 Land cruiser V8/VX

Our Land Cruiser V8 which is available for long term car rental in Kenya has a powerful engine and robust design that make it a perfect vehicle for off-road adventures. Whether you are planning to cruise on the highway, have a city tour in Nairobi or go for a long road trip, Land Cruiser V8 offers extreme comfort & reliability. Traveling in this iconic SUV will make your journey in Kenya memorable. Contact Your Drive Kenya today, book your next long term rental and enjoy your adventure with this spacious Land cruiser.

Land cruiser TX/TZ

The Land Cruiser TX is becoming a very popular choice for long term car rental in Kenya due to its rugged design and powerful engine. The vehicle is perfectly designed for navigating through diverse terrains and challenging road conditions. Our Land Cruiser TX which is available for long term rental offers 5 comfortable seats and ample space for cargo. This makes it ideal for family or small group travels.

Land cruiser GX manual

With its rugged design and powerful engine, Land cruiser GX manual has become a very popular option for Long term car rental in Kenya. Are you are planning a safari adventure or simply need a reliable 4×4 vehicle daily commute, Land Cruiser GX manual offers both comfort and off-road capabilities. This spacious SUV delivers a spacious interior and advanced safety features that provide a smooth and driving experience.

Land cruiser Hardtop/LX/70 series/ Box Model

Land cruiser Hardtop also known as Land cruiser 70 series is one of the most popular cars for long term car rental. This vehicle is equipped with all the required features to navigate through rough terrains. It has a very powerful engine, rugged build, 4×4 drive train, high ground clearance and robust suspension that help it conquer the tough road conditions. Whether you are embarking on an off-road adventure or cruising on the highway, the Land Cruiser Hardtop delivers a high performance.

How much does it cos to rent a car for long term in Kenya – Car hire prices in Nairobi Kenya

Like anywhere else across the world, car rental rates in Kenya vary due to several factors such as the type of car and the client’s travel needs. When renting a car in Kenya, you will realize that rental costs are distributed according to the performance and comfort ability of the vehicle.

Normally, for small/saloon vehicles, get one at only $50 to $60 per day. For full time 4×4 cars such as Land cruisers, you can rent one at only $120 per day. However, negotiations can be made according to how long you want to spend with the vehicle.

Type of car

1 Week

3 weeks

More than 30 days

Land Cruiser TX/TZ

$100 per day

$90 per day

$80 per day

Land Cruiser V8

$130 per day

$120 per day

$100 per day                    

Land Cruiser GX manual

$130 per day

$120 per day

$100 per day                    

Land Cruiser LX (hardtop)

$170 per day

$150 per day

$130 per day

To rent a car in Kenya on a long term basis, kindly contact us on through ourr email: info@yourdrivekenya.com and we will be able to arrange your prefferred car choice and avail it to you upon arrival in the country. 

Alternatively, you can reach us directly on +256 704538374 and our customer care agents will be able to take you through each and everything you would like to know about car rental Kenya and the booking process. 

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