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We have arranged a very wide of vehicles to suit all kinds of budget and travel preferences. Whether you are a high class traveler or simply looking for a budget travel option, we have got a car that will perfectly suit you. From spacious SUVs to compact vehicles, our fleet is made up of every travelers choice.

Land Cruiser Prado TX

rent a land cruiser TX in Kenya

The Land Cruiser Prado TX is one of  the most affordable 4×4 vehicles available in our car rental kenya fleet. It features a very huge fuel tank that gets full at 87 to 90 liters. This vehicle consumes 12.7liters of fuel per 100 Kilometers. With its adjustable and spacious seating, the land cruiser Prado TX offers a smooth ride to its passengers. 

Land Cruiser V8/VX

rent a land cruiser V8 in Kenya

Our Land cruiser V8/VX is a very strong and luxurious SUV. With its spaciously designed interior and adjustable seating, this land cruiser gives a memorable and stress free journey. This Land cruiser V8 is equipped with a very  strong engine, high ground clearance and advanced safety features making it ideal for off-road adventures.

Land Cruiser GX Manual

Rent a land cruiser GX Manual in Kenya

The Land cruiser GX Manual is a very common and reliable vehicle for car rental in Kenya due to its high comfort ability and functionality. It features a very powerful diesel engine that not only makes it fuel efficient but  also enables it to conquer Kenya’s rough terrain. The GX land cruiser has a manual transmission that gives the driver a full time engagement and hence a worry free self drive Kenya experience. 

Land cruiser Hardtop/ 70 series

Land cruiser Hardtop for rent in Kenya

The Toyota Land cruiser Hardtop also known as Land cruiser Box Model or 70 series is a very strong station wagon that has all it takes for it to conquer the challenging terrain of Kenya. It is equipped with a very strong and powerful engine that enables it navigate through any terrain. This spacious vehicle can seat a maximum of 5 adults comfortably. 

Safari Land cruiser/ Extended

The safari land cruiser is the most ideal vehicle available in our car rental Kenya fleet for group travels especially through Kenya’s National Parks and Reserves. Whether you plan on embarking on a wildlife Safari in Masai Mara, Amboseli or Tsavo East and West National Parks, the Land cruiser extended is perfect choice for you. With its rugged build and comfortable seating, the land cruiser extende is a perfect choice  for group travels. 

Safari Van/ Toyota Hiace

Rent a Safari Land cruiser in Kenya

Are you in a group of 7 to 9 and you would like to navigate through Kenya’s National Parks and Reserves at a very low expenditure? The Safari Van is a very  convenient and reliable choice for you. With its comfortable seating and amenities, this spacious mini van gives an amazing travel experience. Note that our Safari Van normally comes with a driver/guide who is well versed with most of the parts of Kenya. 

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