Cross Border Car rental in Kenya

cross border car rental in Kenya

Your Drive Kenya offers the best cross border car rental services in Kenya providing a convenient and cost effective way for travelers to explore neighboring countries. Having all the required documents, travelers can rent cars in Kenya and drive to all the countries within East Africa.

When planning for a self drive cross border trip to any of East Africa’s countries, you need to ensure that you have all the required documents. Are you planning to explore Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda in a single trip? Cross Border Car rental in Kenya is a better choice for you.

Requirements needed for cross border car rental in Kenya

When you are renting a car for cross borders in Kenya, there are various requirements you need to present at the migration offices of any country you would like to cross to. These requirements include;

A valid passport and international driver’s license in your real name. However, it is highly recommended for you to check if there are any visas or permits required for the specific countries you plan to self drive with your rental car.

Ask for the vehicle registration documents and a letter from the company that permits you to cross the border with the vehicle.

Purchase a COMESA sticker and ensure that you have all the required health documents such the COVID 19 vaccination card and Yellow card.

Tips for cross border car rental in Kenya

  • When on a self drive or chauffeur guided trip in East Africa, mind to carry your valid passport, visa, and COVID 19 & Yellow fever vaccination cards.
  • It is very important to check for visa requirements for each of the counties on your travel list in order to avoid any issues while crossing.
  • Plan to cross borders during weekdays and try not to reach at the borders during peak hours to reduce the time of waiting.
  • Expect being thoroughly checked, your vehicle and luggage at the border before crossing.
  • Be patient, polite and respectful to border officials in order for you to have a smooth and memorable experience.

Border Crossing Kenya to Uganda

Crossing the border from Kenya to Uganda with a rental car is a practically memorable experience which takes you to The Pearl of Africa.  When crossing with a rental car, you are required to have a valid driver’s license, car registration, COMESA sticker and a letter from the company allowing you to cross the border with their car.

You can cross from Kenya to Uganda using the Malaba border or Busia. As soon as you reach the border, you will make a stoop over at the immigrations office for you to exit Kenya. You will present your valid passport visas and any other documents required for verification.

After being cleared, you will proceed to the customs office for verification of you vehicles documents. Expect you vehicle and luggage to be thoroughly checked.

On completion of the exit process of Kenya, you will proceed to the Ugandan side of the border and Stop at the immigration office to enter Uganda. You will be asked to present your valid passport, visa and other documents for verification.

You re recommended to follow all the given instructions and respect the boarder officials for a better cross border experience.

Border Crossing Kenya to Tanzania

The main border post between Kenya and Tanzania is at Namanga. In order to cross this border with a rental car, you need to have a valid passport, visa, and vehicle registration form ready to be inspected by immigration & customs agents.

The border crossing process can sometimes be unpredicted, so we advise you to plan ahead and expect spending a lot of time at the border. You should be aware of potential delays or changes in crossing regulations.

Border Crossing Kenya to Rwanda

The easiest route from Kenya to Rwanda is via the Gatuna border which is located in Gichumbi district. While crossing this border, travelers are required to present their valid passports, visas, and the vehicle registration documents plus the permission letter  from the car rental company allowing you to cross the  border with their car. Crossing  from Kenya  to Rwanda is a bit tiresome as  you may  also be required to present various healthy documents such as the COVID 19 vaccination card  and the Yellow  card. 

Frequently asked questions about Cross border car rental in Kenya

Can a tourist rent a car  in Kenya?

Yes, it is  very common that tourists rent cars and self drive Kenya and cross to other East African countries such as  Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. All you need to have is a valid international driver’s license.

How much does  it cost to rent a car in Kenya per day?

The cost of renting a car in Kenya per day normally depends on the type of car rented and the number of extras needed. For a standard 4×4 vehicle, the cost will range  from $100 to $200, for a  compact/sedan, you will pay between $50 to $100. 

Is it safe to hire a car in Kenya?

Yes, Kenya is a very safe place for travelers who plan to hire a car and explore the diverse landscapes of the country. 

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