Car rental in Kenya with popup roofs

Car rental in Kenya with popup roofs

Your Drive Kenya gives you the best standard 4×4 vehicles with popup roofs (adjustable roofs) for wildlife safaris in Kenya. Our vehicles available for self drive in Nairobi Kenya are customized with a roofs that elevate and give you room to stand and see through. Are you planning to do game drives through the National parks? Car rental in Kenya with popup roofs will give you the best wildlife experience. In most cases, the vehicles with popup roofs are very strong vehicles equipped with a 4×4 system which helps them to navigate through tough road conditions.

Why rent a car with popup roof in Kenya

Convenience and flexibility

Renting a car with a popup roof allows you to explore the country’s beautiful landscapes at your own pace. This gives you a chance to create and follow your own itinerary hence navigating to off the beaten path.


With a car which has a popup roof, you won’t need to get out to view wild nature, instead youu will stand through the popup roof. This gives you maximum safety from the dangerous wild animals.

Perfect nature views

When you rent a car with a popup roof to explore Kenya’s National parks, you will have the best views of wild nature. Are you a photographer, nature lover or you simply want to have an immersive safari experience? Having a car with a roof that elevates and gives you head room to see through, you will have direct and close views of the nature.

Best 4x4 cars to rent with popup roofs in Kenya

Your Drive Kenya has put in place a wide range of vehicles from compact cars for city tours to big SUVs for off-road adventures. We have arranged cars a different rates to suit every traveler’s budget. Among the best cars to rent with a popup roof are;

Land cruiser V8

The Land cruiser V8 is a very strong and reliable luxury car that can take up to 6 passengers maximum. This vehicle is available for the VIP travelers who are looking for a more comfortable and luxurious trips in Kenya. With its strong V8 engine, this spacious Land cruiser can manage to tamper with all kinds of road conditions. The vehicle is also equipped with a 4×4 system that makes it easy for it to navigate to off-the-beaten paths.

Land cruiser GX Manual

Are you looking for a comfortable SUV that has a high fuel economy? Look no further than a Land cruiser GX manual. This vehicle has a very strong diesel engine that makes it affordable when it comes to fuel consumption yet it gives it a very high functionality. With its manual transmission, the Land cruiser GX gives the driver much control during the trip. This spacious land cruiser is equipped with a very strong engine, a 4×4 system, robust suspension, and a high ground clearance that make it ideal for off-road adventures.

Land cruiser TX

The Land cruiser TX is the most affordable among all the 4×4 cars available for hire with a popup roof in Kenya. This vehicle has all the requirements that make it capable of navigating through all kinds of road conditions. These include its strong engine, the robust build, high ground clearance, 4×4 system and robust suspension. With all these requirements, The Land cruiser TX is a perfect choice for off-road adventures. 

How much is car rental with popup roofs in Kenya?

Interested in renting a 4×4 car with popup roof in Kenya but still wondering how much it will cost you? It obviously depends on the type of car and the rental duration. In case of self drive car rental in Kenya with popup roofs, you will pay less compared to car rental with a driver. For self drive, the rental cost will be from as low as $80 to $160 per day while for car rental with a driver, the cost will be $120 to $240 per day.

How to book car rental in Kenya with popup roofs?

Looking for the most convenient way to rent a 4×4 car with a popup roof in Kenya? The process is very fast and reliable. You just need to make a single click on our contact us page, fill in the form relevantly and then hit submit. Within a very short period of time, our experts will get back to you. Another easy way to reach us is by writing to us on For quick replies, you can choose to directly call or whatsapp us on +256704538374 or +25681451037.

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