Self Drive Car Rental in Kenya

Self Drive Car Rental in Kenya

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Kenya on a cheap self drive car hire Kenya with a 4×4 rental car. Having spectacular secluded routes as well as diverse natural beauty, Kenya is a magnificent safari destination which is best navigated by car.

Renting a 4×4 car to explore this magical East African country will give you a very memorable experience. Whether you are an international traveler looking to explore the Natural wonders of Kenya or  a local simply looking for a reliable mode of transport, self drive car rental in Kenya gives you a seamless and stress free experience. Having a large fleet of vehicles from compact saloons to 4×4 SUVs, the traveler is free to choose one that perfectly suits their travel needs and budget.

Why opt for self drive car rental in Kenya

Cost effective

Self drive car rental in Kenya has proven to be a very affordable travel option since it does not involve driver charges. By renting a car for self drive in Kenya, individuals can save hundreds of dollars, as they won’t have to rely on expensive public transportations and taxis.  

Freedom and Flexibility

Self drive car rental allows travelers to make adjustments and extensions in their travel plans, as they can explore various destinations at their own pace & terms having no fixed schedules. With self drive car hire Nairobi Kenya, the traveler can make stopovers whenever he/she wants.


Having the ability to drive themselves, travelers can enjoy a sense of seclusion and privacy when opt for self drive car rental in Kenya. Whether it’s a business trip or couples’ tour, renting a car for self drive allows you to have control over your own space and time. This privacy brought by self drive car hire Nairobi Kenya can be beneficial for travelers who value their personal space or those who need a quiet environment to relax.


Self drive car rental services in Kenya have increasingly become popular due to the convenience they give to travelers. With the option of renting a car and driving yourself too any desired destination, travelers have the freedom to explore the diverse landscapes of the country at their own pace. This gives them a chance to have a more personalized and convenient travel experience.


Since you will be choosing from a large fleet of vehicles, you will have the chance to choose one with the most comfortable seating. In most cases, public transportations can never be as comfortable as self drive cars. When choosing a vehicle for a self drive trip in Kenya, mind to consider you family size or travel group for a more comfortable journey.

24/7 roadside assistance

When you rent a car from Your Drive Kenya, youu will have such a stress free and seamless travel experience. In case of any break down, you won’t have to hustle with looking for mechanics as we have agents all around the country to give you a hand in such times. All you have to do is inform us as soon as the car breaks down, share your current location with us and we will send you an expert to help you.

Best cars to rent for self drive Kenya

We have a wide fleet of self drive car rental in Kenya vehicles which include SUVs, Compact Cars, and Sedans, and first class vehicles that will make you feel like a VIP. Note that our vehicles come with unlimited mileage and are comprehensively insured.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8

The 5 seater Land Cruiser is one of the oldest and most popular rental cars available for self drive in Kenya. This spacious vehicle features comfortable & adjustable seats, and ample cargo space. The Land cruiser V8 can easily be customized with a popup roof to make it more ideal for wildlife safaris. It can also be equipped with a rooftop tent to make it the best option for camping safaris. With its 4×4 system, this spacious Land Cruiser is capable of handling toughest terrains during off-road adventures.

Safari Mini Van

Are you in a group of 7 to 9 people looking for the best car rental option? The safari van is the perfect choice for you. This 9-seater Safari Vehicle features a pop-up roof that makes it ideal for wildlife safaris. It is also equipped with 9 comfortable seats, a freezer and charging sockets to keep your phone and camera on all the time.

Land Cruiser Prado TX/TZ

Are you a family of 4 to 5 and in search of a vehicle with comfortable seating and high functionality but at a low rental cost? You should check out the Land cruiser TX. It has a very comfortable and adjustable seating plus a 4×4 system that allows it navigate through harsh road terrains. The land cruiser Prado TX can be customized with a popup roof to give you the best views during game drives. It can also be equipped with a rooftop tent to make it ideal for camping safaris in Kenya’s National parks.

Toyota Land cruiser GX manual

The Land cruiser GX is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles available for self drive car rental in Kenya. With its diesel engine, this vehicle helps the travelers to save hundreds of dollars on fuel. When you rent this spacious land cruiser, expect comfort and ample cargo space.

The best safari destinations to explore by car in Kenya

Destinations like Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Nairobi City and National Park, Mombasa, Tsavo National Parks, and Ol Pejeta are some of the top destinations that can be explored in Kenta by car.

Tips for self drive car rental in Kenya

Booking in advance will help you get the best cars available, give you better discounts and secure your trip.

You must present a valid driver’s license, together with an ID/or Passport on the reservation table when renting a car for self drive in Kenya.

You should carefully read the car rental agreement before you sign anything. This will save you from additional costs in the form of insurance.

In case you want to cross any border, you must first inform us so that we provide you with the needed documents for the vehicle to cross the border.

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