Self Drive Kenya Safaris

Self drive Kenya safaris

Get learned about the most amazing Self Drive Kenya Safaris, top things to do, attractions in Kenya and the uniqueness of this country.

Self Drive Kenya Safaris are simply adventurous ventures to the magnificent tourist attraction sites in Kenya. These wonderful journeys present you uncensored explorations of the stunning landscapes of this wonderful country.

Tourist attractions in Kenya

Safaris to and within Kenya lead you to the diverse blend of safari destinations this country has to offer. The prominent destinations you ought to travel to on your Self Drive Kenya Safaris with your loved will expose you to the numerous attractions that tourists plan extensively for to see in Kenya. These are;

  • Kenyan National Parks and game reserves
  • The historical centers
  • Kenyan cultural sites
  • Kenyan amusement parks
  • Sports facilities and health clubs
  • Kenyan world class accommodation facilities
  • Kenyan physical features, and so much more.

You should denote that Self Drive Kenya Safaris offer you the grand opportunity for exploring the brilliant destinations in this country each with a unique outstanding experience.

What makes Kenya unique?

The republic of Kenya has quite some outstanding reasons behind its uniqueness amongst the East African countries. The best way to find out why this country is unique is by reserving time and plan for a Self drive Kenya Safaris, preferably at the times where travelling is more outstanding.

What makes Kenya unique is that it has quite an extensive collection of safari destinations. It has one of the most wildlife endowed national parks and game reserves all rich in wildlife and stunning landscapes. Be amazed to see the big five in almost all the parks you may wish to visit on your Kenya Safaris.

Besides the amazing wildlife diversity, Self Drive Kenya safaris expose you to the diverse ecosystems of this country. This country is characterized by savannah grasslands and tropical rainforests, plus mountainous terrains and coastal beauty. This amazing traits about this rich diversity brings about the concentration of an extensive array of wildlife at these locations plus sustainable tourism from the tour fees paid by the tourists.

The other unique feature that make this country a wonderful destination on Kenya Safaris is its vast cultural diversity. Kenya records a number of ethnic groups like the Masaai, the Kikuyu, the Luo, and so many more tribes. All these different ethnic groups have distinctive languages, custom and traditions.

The most amazing Kenya safaris

In Kenya, your safari destinations options are quite many and choosing on where to spend more time might actually be a challenging decision for you and your love ones. Among the very many amazing safari destinations you could choose from, let’s look at the most amazing destinations you ought not to miss out on visiting.

Top things to do on Self Drive Kenya Safaris

  • Visiting the Masaai Mara National Reserve

Masaai Mara is notably among the most visited safari destinations on Kenya safaris by most tourists into the country. This very big National reserve locates in Kenya’s rift valley province encompassing 1510 km2 of acacia woodlands and savannah grasslands.

The Masaai Mara is very astounding safari destination for travelers to Kenya as it has most of the exciting tourist attractions tourists visit Africa for. This game reserve harbors numerous wildlife animals, bird species and unique landscapes, all breathtaking for the eye encounter.

In the Masaai Mara, await an uncensored exploration of the big five, endangered semi-aquatic species, various bird species plus amazing landscapes.

The highlight of your visit to the Masaai Mara is notably the great migration which gathers most of the endangered herbivores of east African wildlife. This great migration has no other event besides it that an experience of such honor is truly a memorable experience.

Get intact with the amazing blend of wildlife in this park through the well-coordinated park activities it organizes for wildlife viewing. These activities include safari game drives, guided nature walks, hot air balloon safaris, and so much more. Pin this national park as a must visit destination on any of your Kenya safaris.

Besides the Masaai Mara, Kenya has much more amazing national parks with a great blend of wildlife like;

Your Self drive Kenya safaris are quite incomplete when you opt not to visit any of the Kenyan National Parks. Attach on your travel itinerary a Kenya safaris to any of them and await a brilliant safari for you and your loved ones.

  • Visiting the breathtaking Kenyan physical features

Besides its great wildlife diversity, Kenya is beautifully endowed with amazing physical features. This country has many physical features that hugely impacts on the renowned characteristic of Kenya being a rich destination of wonderful landscapes.

On your Kenya Safaris, expect to encounter Mountain Kenya, lake Naivasha, Lake Turkana, the Great Rift Valley, beautiful beaches and so many nature artifacts in this country.

These amazing safari destinations are quick to locate by either self-drive or chauffeured experience on Kenyan Safaris for both you and your loved ones. Expect to have panoramic moments of the safari, including the wildlife species surrounding these physical features plus priceless photographic memories around them.

  • Exploring the rich cultural biodiversity in Kenya

One of the most cultural endowed nations in Africa is the republic of Kenya. This country has very many organized tribes that have unique ways of life that differ from any other. The Turkana, the Luo, the Masaai, the Samburu and the Kikuyu, all have different traditions and customs.

Your Kenya safari to the origins of these ethnic groups will present you a golden opportunity to see the astounding traditional dances of these people, their crafting natures and so much more detailed insights on their ways of life.

  • Touring the great amusement sites of Kenya

Kenya has an astounding array of amusement centers. It records a collection of fine accommodation facilities all over the country. From the capital itself, await a long list of places to seek amusement including five star hotels and the city profound Nairobi National Park.

In the outskirts of the park has the coastal beaches which are truly an embrace of accommodation. There are many fine beaches at the coast that you could choose from to spend an afternoon or evening on your Kenya safaris.

  • Touring the heritage sites in Kenya

Archeologists planning on a Kenyan Safaris should put an emphasis on preparing a visit to the Kenyan museums.

This country has quite a good number of heritage sites that preserve its ancient collection. The list of these sites includes Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Lamu Old Town, the Thimlich Ohiinga site, the sacred Mijikenda Kaya forests and so much more. These sites are the one of the most embraced heritage sites this country has to present for you and your loved ones on your Kenya safaris.

How to plan your Self Drive Kenya safaris

To get the best experience for any self drive Kenya Safaris you ideally consider, have a detailed itinerary that suites your stay in Kenya and for your travel associates. Looking for a perfect travel plan, consider reviewing our travel itineraries for your Kenya Safaris. These include travel plans from 7 days safari, 14 days  to 18 days safaris, all well planned for an exquisite experience in Kenya.

After analyzing the ideal itinerary, organize your Kenya packing list according to what you are to take part in on your Kenya safaris. Kenya is a hot and cool country so crucially organize your clothing line in a dynamic perspective.

For travelers eyeing on a self-drive experience on your Kenyan safaris, consider renting a suitable vehicle for this wonderful adventure. The choice of car is ideally yours though we recommend a 4X4 vehicle for this adventure.

Kenyan roads are characterized of both rough and smooth road networks. The city is a clean terrain whereas the outskirts have mixed pathways. To worriless about any driving detours, have an ideal 4X4 choice for your Kenya safaris.

At Your Drive Kenya, we happen to have the best 4X4 options on Kenyan roads. Choose from our collection of land cruisers, i.e. the 70 series, the TX/TZ series, the GX series and the V8/VX series. We also have the Toyota Rav4 series for travelers eying on a compact SUV travel experience. All our cars are four wheel drive guaranteed for a great performance on any type of terrain Kenyan roads may portray.

Best time to go on a self drive Kenya Safari

An excellent Kenyan Safari is of the dry season. These times of the year are statistically the best due to the vibrant weather they portray. The dry season in Kenya is from late June to October and in this time frame road trips are very admirable experiences.

Engaging in all activities at the tourist attraction sites in Kenya under the vibrant sunrays makes entire exploration of these sites plus photographic memories amazing unlike in the wet seasons.

The wet seasons in Kenya make roads very slippery plus the clouds are always lashing rain over the Kenyan infrastructure. This time of the year in Kenya is somewhat characterized by a lot of travel inconveniences and program shifting because of weather distractions.

Consider organizing for your Kenya Safaris in the dry season and await a joyful adventure to all ideal travel destinations.

Where to stay on a Self Drive Kenya Safaris

On your Kenyan Safari, you can get accommodation from the world class hotels and lodges all over this country. Those starting in Nairobi, compare between its luxury options, mid-range options and also the budget friendly options.

Nairobi has many luxury options you could choose to get accommodation from, the likes of Emara Ole-Sereni Nairobi, Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi Serena Hotel, and so much more.

The midrange options when you start your safari from Nairobi include Movenpick Hotel, Pan Pacific Suites, Sarova Stanley, among others. The budget friendly options you may consider include Erica Residences, Marrkson Suites, West Lerruat Hotels, and much more budget options.

Throught the country, there are various fine accommodation facilities all over on your Kenyan Safaris. Worriless on where you are to spend your resting days on this wonderful adventure.

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