Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park

Situated in the south of Lake Nakuru in the East African rift System of Kenya, is Lake Nakuru National Park that is known among the top destinations you can visit while on your Kenya safari. It is specifically accessed in Nakuru town, 161 kilometers in the west of Nairobi. It was situated around the mountainous vicinity and sidelines of Lake Nakuru in 1961 surpassing 188 km2 of the lake surroundings.

This park derives its name from Lake Nakuru, a rift valley lake that harbors the biggest population of flamingos in Africa. This alkaline lake harbors mostly bird life that primarily stalks this lake because of its abundance in algae and micro invertebrates.

Besides bird life, the park encompasses other brilliant ecosystems like the olive baboons, large mammals plus other amazing wildlife. The large mammals evident on sight are the endangered eastern black rhino and the southern white rhinos.

This park is rich in wildlife with lions, leopards, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, pelicans and other species among the animals present in this establishment. They inhabit the woodlands and grasslands and the hilly vicinities of this park.

The park has some dope features like the baboon cliff viewpoint and the Makalia Falls. These are one of the tourist attractions that lure visitors to this park.

Tourist attractions at Lake Nakuru National Park

This wildlife conservation area has quite a number of interesting attractions you need to encounter on your visit. These are;

  • Rhinoceros Sanctuary
  • Lake Nakuru
  • Makalia Falls
  • Baboon Cliff Viewpoint
  • Herbivores, i.e. zebras, buffalos, antelopes, giraffes and gazelles
  • Carnivores, i.e. lions, leopards and some hyenas.
  • Bird species besides flamingoes, e.g. pelicans, waterfowls, cormorants, etc

Activities at Lake Nakuru National Park

 This fine wildlife conservation area organizes activities that are coordinated by guides and park rangers. These activities are the best chance for spotting wildlife in the calmest and easiest way.

These activities can be participated in by both adults and infants as regulated by the park authorities. They are very adventurous encounters that give you the feel and close connection to wildlife. Take a look at the top things to do in Lake Nakuru National Park.

Things to do at Lake Nakuru National Park

  • Game drives

Game drives at Lake Nakuru National Park are a rewarding encounters that journey tourists across the diverse landscapes of the park and to its magnificent wildlife.

They are guided encounters coordinated by knowledgeable tour personnel and park rangers (sometimes armed) that are well versed with the lay out of the park plus wildlife traits.

Game drives give an innumerable opportunity of encountering the scenic layout of the park and its wildlife in their natural habitat at their chill out sessions. Besides the Lake Nakuru, you shall observe all the various flora and fauna inside the safari car. These safari cars are reliable 4X4 prototypes that can cruise to whatever location of the park that has wildlife staring opportunities. These cars have pop up roofs and clear light windows to make it easy and effortless for you to observe and record wildlife at the comfort of your seat.

Expect to have unobstructed views of the birds at the lake, the black and white rhinos at the sanctuary, herbivores and carnivores in the capacious vicinity of Lake Nakuru National Park.

These under the sun drives or night cruises are not charged. They are bonuses for park entry fees. The park entry fees are 860 KSH for adult East African citizens and 215 KSH for infants. Foreign residents pay 1030 KSH whereas foreign nonresidents pay 60 USD.

  • Exploration of the Makalia Falls

The adventure to the Makalia Falls is a guided one by a park ranger or an experienced tour operator from your tour operator. These falls should be located by your guide in the southern region of this wildlife conservation.

This scenic landscape is against dense vegetation in the placid environment of the park. It surrounds numerous plant life of vast diversity offering a brilliant picturesque of this setting.

The environment created by the Makalia Falls harbors a variety of wildlife including herbivores and mostly birds. This setting is most times reviewed as the bird watchers haven.

These falls are perfect for photographic memories allowing tourists to take in all the beautiful snaps of this waterfall and the surrounding green life.

  • Flamingo Viewing

This captivating encounter draws you closer to one of the largest flamingo population sites. Encountering these drastic birds at the backdrop of Lake Nakuru is absolutely iconic.

The large population of these birds on this lake draws a concentrated pink shade against this lake. This scenery is truly magnificent.

Flamingos are so much on this lake because of its alkaline waters. Alkaline waters are characterized by impressive concentrations of algae and micro invertebrates that these birds enjoy feasting on.

Expect to clearly observe these magnificent species from many spots around the park but ideally at the Baboon Cliff. This cliff is well elevated giving you an aerial speculation for viewing flamingoes.

The park guides often give detailed characteristics of these birds. They explain about their sociable nature, distinctive dietary and breeding.

The other interesting activities intriguing for participation at Lake Nakuru National Park are;

  • Nature walks
  • Rhinoceros Sanctuary Visit
  • Bird watching safaris
  • The Baboon cliff viewpoint safaris
  • Photography Safaris

Accommodation at Lake Nakuru National Park

There are a lot of brilliant facilities within and around Lake Nakuru National Park ready to offer you the most ideal type of accommodation for you and your company.  These fine establishments in Kenya have distinctive services and amenities, i.e. they are either Luxurious, midrange or budget friendly.

The fundamental aspect about any of these stays is the complete satisfaction in service provision. They are all equipped sufficiently depending on their level of service provision.

The top luxurious stay

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge, 9.3 km from the park headquarters in Nakuru County is the best luxurious accommodation option around this wildlife conservation. It offers a premium and indulgent experience for travelers.

This high end accommodation hotel gives you exclusive accommodation amenities like spacious and well-appointed suites with first quality furnishings, luxurious beddings and often exclusive terraces. It has fine dining restaurants that focus on local and international cuisine.

This luxury stay offers attentive and personalized services including concierge assistance, butler services and guides for excursions for its customers. It also has spa and wellness facilities, exclusive experiences like private guards throught the whole adventure at Lake Nakuru national park, scenic locations boosted with panoramic views and specialized child care services.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge charges 264 USD each night for a couple with all amenities and services included for your stay. The other best luxurious stays at Lake Nakuru beside it are Capella Resort, Lake Nakuru Lodge and Sarova Woodlands Hotel and spa.

The top midrange stay

Lake Elementaita Mountain Lodge is arguably the best midrange option for accommodation around and within Lake Nakuru National Park. It provides a balance between comfort and affordability. It is often regarded as the most popular mid-range accommodation in the area.

Its lodges are the most comfortable in its class, balancing both comfort and affordability. Its meals are the best in the mid-range class, serving a variety of local and international cuisine.

Its scenic views offer breathtaking views of Lake Nakuru plus the lodge provides easy access for guests participating in wildlife viewing activities at Lake Nakuru National Park. This lodge is a hidden gem with a range of amenities for a comfortable stay without the high end luxury features, such as well-appointed rooms with basic to moderate amenities, on site restaurants offering a variety of meals, access to guided tours and excursions, friendly and helpful staff, and scenic surroundings and proximity to the park.

The other top midrange options you should consider for lodging at Lake Nakuru National Park are;

  • Midland Hotel Nakuru
  • Rock Hyrax Hotel
  • The Ole-Ken Hotel

The top budget friendly stay

Emboita Hotel limited is statistically the best budget friendly stay for your visit to Lake Nakuru National Park. Its accommodations are the top tier in comparison with its counter parts in the budget friendly stays. Want to experience the best under budget stay lodges? Emboita Hotel limited should be your ideal experience.

It is the most economical options suitable for travelers seeking basic amenities without the frills. This lodge may not offer the same level of luxury as its higher end counterparts.

The traits of this hotel are cost effective room options with basic furnishings and amenities, shared facilities, on site dining options that focus on local and affordable cuisine and similar to mid-range accommodation.

Best time to visit Lake Nakuru National Park

Planning your trip to Lake Nakuru National Park needs you to consider quite a number of aspects. Among the few aspects you should consider is what times of the year you should give this game reserve a visit.

Lake Nakuru National Park phases through two weather seasons, i.e. the wet season and the dry season. The wet season runs from November to May whereas the dry season runs from June to October.

In the dry season, this wildlife conservation is often dry with less dense vegetation. Animals gather so many around the lake and other water sources to bathe and drink up because of the scorching sun. This makes it very easy for tourists to spot wildlife.

The skies are very clear with the sun vibrantly raying in the acacia woodlands of this park. The trails in the reserve are very smooth and dry making movements on all safaris easy, quick and enjoyable.

The wet season however is characterized by birth of wildlife and many bird species in this game reserve. The vegetation is lush green and densely vegetated with vibrant green.

The greatest challenge of the wet season is the soggy terrains and quite unnavigable terrains of this game reserves after the rains have lashed down. Lake Nakuru National Park records much rainfall totals in this season that make park activities have a few inconveniences in their punctuality.

The skies are not so clear because of the nimbus clouds preparing to gush out rain at any moment. This makes spotting of wildlife challenging, and recording photographic memories is not so unclear too.

The dry season is arguably the best time to visit Lake Nakuru National Park because of its so many advantages in perspective of wildlife viewing.

How to get to Lake Nakuru National Park

Travelers to this game reserve can arrive most conveniently by road, specifically through a trusted tour company. With a tour company safari, expect to pass through Kenyan traffic swiftly. These companies can cover this 160 km stretch from Nairobi to the park location in under 3 hours. The drivers are skilled and know whatever quickest routes to get to the park. Some of the routes these drivers may use are not traceable on GPS platforms.

Alternatively you can travel by self-drive through the smart road network from Nairobi to the Nakuru County. For those unfamiliar with Kenyan roads, the GPS platforms are quite accurate and provide less traffic routes to the reserve. Going to this game reserve, you need an all-wheel drive vehicle to cruise through the mixed Kenyan roads terrain. Talk to us today for the most reliable all-wheel drive vehicles at the most affordable rates. Your partnership with us is worth it.

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