Land cruiser with popup roof in Kenya

Land cruiser with popup roof in Kenya

Planning to rent a 4×4 car for exploring the national parks and stunning landscapes of Kenya? Consider renting a land cruiser with a popup roof and you will never regret. Land cruiser is a vehicle series manufactured by the Famous car maker in Japan called Toyota. There are several Land cruisers available for car rental with popup roofs in Kenya and they deliver a very high functionality corresponds with their name “Land Cruiser”. With a pop-up roof feature, the Land cruiser becomes more unique and ideal for game driving in Kenya’s National parks. These land cruisers are equipped with a very strong and sturdy build that gives them the audacity to navigate to all kinds of road conditions.

Benefits of renting a land cruiser with popup roof in Kenya

Perfect nature views

A 4×4 Land cruiser with a popup roof provides an elevated stand room that enhances safari experience by providing stunning views of nature and wildlife during game drives. Are you a photographer looking for better photo angles? The popup roof feature on our Land cruiser will give you a full range and close view of nature.

High performance

Our Land cruisers available for hire with popup roofs in Kenya are very strong vehicles equipped with powerful engines. Besides the powerful engines, these vehicles have 4×4 systems, high ground clearance, robust build and suspension that make them ideal for off-road adventures. Are you planning to navigate to off-the beaten paths? Renting a Land cruiser with a popup roof in Kenya will give you the best experience.

Convenience and Flexibility

Renting a Land cruiser with a popup roof in Kenya gives you the freedom to create and follow your own itinerary saving you from public transportations. With a 4×4 land cruiser at your service, you are free to navigate to every corner of Kenya with no limitations.

High seating capacity

Our Land cruisers which are available for hire in Kenya with popup roofs can seat up to 7 passengers maximum and still have enough space for luggage.

Suitability of Land cruiser with popup roof for Kenya’s terrain

4×4 Drive train

Our land cruisers with pop-up roofs which are available for rental in Kenya are equipped with a 4×4 drivetrain which allows them to conquer rough terrains with ease. This 4×4 system gives power to all the four wheels, providing excellent traction.

High ground clearance

The Land cruisers boost an exceptional ground clearance that allows them to navigate through rocky road conditions.

Robust and sturdy Build

Our Land cruisers were given a very sturdy and robust build that ensures maximum durability even when driven through tough conditions.

Powerful engine

 The engines given to our land cruisers are well known for their exceptional performance and impressive off-road capabilities. Whether you’re planning to cruise on the highway or goo for off-road adventure, our land cruiser will deliver the best travel experience.

How much does it cost to rent a Land cruiser with popup roof in Kenya?

The cost of renting a land cruiser with a popup roof in Kenya depends on the specific type of Land cruiser you would like to rent. From as low as $100 per day, you can rent a land cruiser TX, Land cruiser V8 & GX manual at $120, Land cruiser Hardtop at $150 and Safari Land cruiser at $200 per day. Note that the above mentioned rates are for car rental for self drive and they might change according to the season and extra services rendered.

How to rent a Land cruiser with popup roof in Kenya

Planning to rent a car for self drive or with a driver in Kenya but still wondering how you are going to rent one. You just need to visit our contact us page, fill in the form as required and then submit. We will get back to you in a very short time with the best deals and offers available. You can also write to us on For quick replies, you can directly call or whatsapp us on +256704538374/+25681451037.

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